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Wood Burning Stoves & Inserts

Most all of the wood stoves we carry are EPA Certified. They can burn smoke and creosote inside the stove for fuel to heat your home. While is wood is essentially "baking", the smoke and creosote are burning. This means longer burn times with less wood than old fashioned stoves. Catalytic and non-catalytic alike will both have the secondary burn, they just do it in different ways. You can read more about this subject in our Hearth Articles section. Listed below are brands we either keep in stock or actively display in our showroom. Please contact us if you are looking for other brands not shown here.

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Enerzone Wood Stove Solution 1.8 Enerzone Stove s & Fireplace Inserts, are built by one of the largest stove and fireplace manufacturers in North America, in Quebec, Canada, where it often gets to 40º below zero! Who would know more about battling frigid wintry temperatures with a good wood stove than a Canadian manufacturer! Classic designs, quality heavy construction and affordable prices are only a few reasons to consider the Enerzone line of products. Enerzone is the only stove manufacturer that we carry that offers a no-nonsense lifetime warranty on the glass. Enerzone also offers two sizes of mobile-home rated wood stoves, plus various other models for conventional homes in sizes to heat up to 3000 square feet in our Tennessee climate. All their free-standing stoves have built-in, flip-top covered ash pans for easy, neat maintenance. Enerzone is committed to helping you find a clean, green solution to heating your home. We stock many models.


Windsor Collection

Majestic's Windsor Collection of steel wood burning stoves offer a variety of sizes to heat from 1,000 to 2,000 square feet (actually, they will heat more in our Tennessee climate). The simple design of the roll top steel stove will fit in with any decor. Although not as glamorous as some of our other more expensive stoves & inserts, all the Windsor Collection stoves (including their insert) are EPA Certified and re-burn the smoke and creosote, but the Windsor Collection offers the most budget friendly pricing we have ever found. Several models from this collection are on sale now – hurry, while supplies last – call or email for details!

 Vermont Castingsmakes some of the most durable, beautiful and efficient hearth products available. Vermont Castings’ most popular Encore and Defiant models are the only stoves on the market that come as a "2 in1". What this means is it is capable of burning in either catalytic on non-catalytic mode. It can be easily switched from one mode to the other in less than a minute. Both of these top-loading stoves and several other models offer a “by-pass damper” for truly smokeless top loading (this is not an exaggeration – we know this because we used the Encore to heat the whole showroom for the first 9 years after relocated our business to its current Cookeville location). The Encore & Defiant are two of the cleanest stoves available. Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be for the smoke to come pouring out, along with ash & dust, every time we wanted to either load or demonstrate these stoves? Opening the by-pass damper also allows to you to decide NOT to burn smoke. You can also choose to dump extra heat directly up the chimney, should the room ever get too warm. Most non-catalytic stoves simply do not offer this feature.

We now have the larger Defiant installed in place of the original Encore (our showroom has grown in size from the original 3000 sq. ft. to its current 4800 sq. ft.). When it is cold out and customers see the Defiant in action keeping the entire store cozy, it just about sells itself! You can also stuff a top loading stove with a lot more wood than a front or side loading stove of the same size, so you don't have to load as often. Both the Defiant and the Encore offer an incredibly neat slide-out ash pan with a separate slide-on covered lid that allows you to take the covered pan out with one hand. As you go outside carrying the ash, a gust of wind will never again blow ash all over you and your home! Sounds almost unbelievable, but it will all this will become crystal clear when you come to see us demonstrate how this unique feature works. Vermont Castings also make some very cute tiny stoves for small rooms, as well as 2 gorgeous cast-iron inserts with very large fire-viewing areas. Available in classic cast iron finish as well as a variety of glossy porcelain enamel colors.

Lopi Wood Stoves

Lopi Liberty Wood Stove Lopi, America's Favorite Fire! It may turn out to be your favorite too, once you take a look at our Liberty wood stove (or its two smaller versions, the Endeavor and Republic)! We have heated our huge showroom since 2000 with the Liberty and we have no central heat and no heat bill! Our customers have voted with their pocketbooks for the Liberty as their favorite model of the all the various larger capacity stoves that we offer. We heated the whole showroom using the Liberty almost every day during the cold winter of 2010 - 2011 and only cleaned the ashes out THREE TIMES! Incredible! (We will be happy to explain how & why it makes so little ash.)

Even though Lopi lists the heating capacity on the Liberty in its brochure as 2,500 square feet with a maximum burn time of up to 12 hours, it is really under-rated for our Tennessee climate. Keep in mind that the front wall of our showroom is 60 feet by 10 feet of single layer, un-insulated plate glass! There are also dozens of chimney pipes for all the working displays, both gas and wood that all carry heat out of the building, not to mention two sets of very leaky double doors for each of 2 rooms originally intended as warehouse but later converted to more showroom space. We can leave the store on Saturdays after closing at 5:00PM and return late Sunday afternoon to find the Liberty still having plenty of hot coals to effortlessly restart the fire. We simply open the damper and the air control, add wood, and enjoy a blazing fire just a couple minutes later. Yeah, we love our Liberty! Also available as a fireplace insert in several different sizes and styles. Lopi also makes a beautifully styled, highly efficient cast-iron stove, the Leyden, with an unbelievably long burn time that has an interesting twist on how it accomplishes burning smoke. Available in cast iron finish, as well as glossy porcelain enamel in either a gorgeous red or chocolaty brown that looks like a piece of fine furniture.

Avalon Wood Stoves

Avalon's wood stoves are famous for their reliability, craftsmanship and incredible heating efficiency. They have many styles and sizes to offer, focused on contemporary styling. Actually, Lopi above and Avalon are really two “arms” of the very same company. The Olympic Wood stove has the largest capacity firebox of all of the Avalon line and has exactly the same “guts” as the Liberty above. The Olympic can be set up as either a freestanding stove or an insert for your masonry fireplace. When used as a free standing stove, it has a unique ash pan pedestal with a neat flip-top gasketed lid that lets you carry out the ash and carry out the ash without worry of debris blowing all over your room. Clean!

For wood burners in smaller homes or spaces up to 1200 square feet with contemporary styling, check out Avalon’s sleek Camano.
Hearthstone Woodstoves

Hearthstone Mansfield Each Hearthstone stove is hand-crafted by one person who builds a single stove at a time from start to finish, with hand-selected slabs of solid polished soapstone 1 ¼” thick set in a beautiful cast iron framework. The artisan even signs his/her name on the back of the stove! These gorgeous stoves are brilliant for their functionality as well as their design, and are a testament to Hearthstone's proud heritage of fine stove making. Once heated, soapstone stays warm and gives off even heat for hour after hour, far longer in our Tennessee climate than Hearthstone states in their brochure. We found out through personal use that it is absolutely true that soapstone really does hold heat better and longer than an equal amount of cast iron or other metal, making it ideal material for overnight heating or for other long stretches of time when you can't tend the fire.

When you are heating with a soapstone stove, it’s a very different type of heat. Instead of blasting out heat like other wood stoves, you will experience a “softer,” more comfortable, diffused even temperature. Even if you let the fire die down, you will still have heat stored in the stones radiating out for hours more. We remember once allowing the fire to die down in our showroom Mansfield model when a warm spell came through, and going back two days later to still find enough hot coals to restart the fire without the kindling and paper normally needed! Hearthstone’s ceramic glass door has a special coating on the inside of the glass that reflects heat and makes it the cleanest fire viewing of any stove we have ever used. No two stoves look exactly the same due to the fact that mother nature made the stone. Soapstone is predominantly gray, but often has overtones of blues, greens or even browns. We usually try to have several of the same model on hand, so we allow our customers to go into our warehouse and pick out the one they want.


Fire Chief Wood Furnaces
Fire Chief Wood FurnacePut an end to your worries about high heat bills and keep warm this winter and for many winters to come with one of our Fire Chief Wood/ Coal Burning furnaces. The Indoor Fire Chief is designed to be placed in your basement or attached garage and connected to your existing duct work for your central unit. (Or, it can be installed by itself and connected to its own ductwork system.) No place to put one inside your home? No problem! Look at an outdoor Fire Chief that sets in your yard and blows heated air directly into your duct system. There are many different sizes available to heat homes (or a shop) anywhere from 1,000 - 5,000 square feet. The huge firebox means less time you have to spend filling it up with wood. All wood furnaces are currently still exempt from EPA regulations and are not required to burn smoke. Although Fire Chief furnaces are not EPA Certified, Fire Chief furnaces do achieve some “secondary burn” which makes them far more efficient than the usual wood furnaces which do burn smoke at all. The Fire Chief will do a wonderful job of heating your home, at an affordable price.
Buck Stove Wood Stoves
Buck Wood StoveBuck Stove is an old, well established company that actually invented the concept of the fireplace insert back in the 70’s, at the start if the first “Energy Crunch.” Buck offers a broad line of both stoves & inserts, in catalytic and non-catalytic versions. Their Buck 91 has long been their best seller and can be set up as either a stove or an insert. It offers a huge 4.4 cubic foot firebox, making it the largest capacity insert in the market, plus a large cooking surface! It will easily heat over 3000 sq. ft. and the catalytic version is rated at 86% efficiency. The Buck 91 will accept wood up to 22 inches when loaded from front to back. Buck has always been known for their super-heavy construction has a model for everybody, every home and every budget. They even make a small insert which almost always fits typical mobile home fireplaces as well as small factory-built “pre-fab” fireplaces. Many Buck models come with a factory installed blower and can be used as either a free standing stove or insert for your fireplace.

Jøtul offers a complete range of both traditional and contemporary cast-iron stoves and inserts. Based on traditions in Norwegian craftsmanship, high quality and consistent use of good design, Jøtul will continue to be the favored choice of the generations of today and tomorrow. Their attention to detail and workmanship is obvious at a quick glance. Jotul makes 3 sizes of truly flush inserts which will greatly enhance the look as well as the function of an inefficient masonry fireplace. Jotul’s line of freestanding cast iron stoves range from tiny to large, with a size to fit everyone’s heating needs. Available in matte black cast iron to several porcelain enamel colors.

 Lennox's Country Collection of wood stoves and inserts are reliable, well built, efficient heat sources to warm your home and family. One insert, the Performer C210,which is rated to heat 1800 sq. ft., stands out as an outstanding choice for smaller, hard-to-fit factory built fireplaces. The most notable stove in the entire Country collection is their new Grandview (and it’s insert version called the Montlake). We installed the Grandview as a working model in November 2011 after being extremely impressed by seeing the prototype burning in a 2011 Lennox summer training session. We were hoping to find out if it could heat our store and hold a fire from closing until opening time next morning, more than the stated ratings. Well, to put it mildly, the Grandview far outperformed its ratings and just blew us away! 

The Grandview is the only steel stove to make use of a thick cast iron heat exchanger with cast-iron “fingers” pointing down into the fire as well as up into the heat exchanger area. This cast-iron heat exchanger boosts the outgoing air temperature by 50%! The winter of 2011 to 2012 was very mild, but we did have a few pretty cold nights. We were very pleasantly surprised to find that it heated all 4800 square feet by itself on an 18 degree night, and still had plenty of coals to restart next morning! We are believers! We have gotten great feedback from our customers who became convinced this was the stove for them after they felt the powerful heat, saw the huge clean view of the fire and chose the Grandview for their home. Come check out the Country collection by Lennox!